Who still needs Knigge these days?

If you associate the term “Knigge” with antiquated rules of etiquette, you may conclude that you can live very well without those old-fashioned social norms.

Taking into consideration, however, that Freiherr Adolph von Knigge (1752-1796) became famous mainly by virtue of his socio-psychological treatise “On Human Relations”, your reaction will be very different, as all of us interact with people on a daily basis: in our private and working lives, with customers, business partners, co-workers and superiors.

Knigge as a proponent of Enlightenment and Humanism is an advocate for basing this interaction on mutual respect and esteem – a recommendation that couldn’t be more topical today!

In our global (business-) world it’s more important than ever to

  • facilitate and improve cooperation across hierarchies,
  • bring cultures together at meeting tables as well as business dinners, and
  • behave in a manner appropriate to the occasion and your conversational partner on a national and international level.

Treating people with class and style is an invaluable asset and factor for success – for individuals, for companies in the business world, and for society on the whole.

The field of etiquette is far broader and more multifaceted than the term “good manners” suggests:

Conversation – Body language – Small talk – Dress codes – Table manners – Host duties and responsibilities – Networking – Correct address – Greetings and Goodbyes – Accommodating Guests of Honor – Protocol – Cross-cultural competence – Social skills – Charisma – Savoir-faire & Savoir- vivre…

This – non-exhaustive by far – enumeration shows: good manners are the basis for making a convincing and charming impression from the start. They are an expression of competence, authenticity and respect.

In short: impeccable, modern manners are the key to success!

“It should allow you to be a better version of yourself.”


Etikette-Vortrag mit Clemens von Hoyos


Clemens Graf von Hoyos will take you on a spellbinding journey through the world of Knigge, modern manners, and poise – with a keynote speech or during a moderated dinner at the following events:

  • Management conferences
  • Staff events
  • Association meetings
  • Conventions
  • Customer events
  • Kickoff events
  • Gala evenings
Knigge-Seminare bei Clemens Graf von Hoyos


Exceptional academic achievements, interdisciplinary qualifications, knowledge of foreign languages, prestigious references and of course extracurricular activities – these employee qualities are every HR manager’s dream. But so often, no matter the age or career path, a key component is lacking to give the finishing touch: knowledge of modern manners, authenticity, and quiet confidence!

The seminars are a successful blend of theory and practice and will ensure lasting success for you and your employees.

Etikette-Seminar präsentiert von Graf von Hoyos


With this coaching option you will learn more than just the basics of good manners for your career and private success: get support in preparing for specific events that require your knowledge of questions of protocol and etiquette, and gain confidence in interacting with high-ranking politicians, business people, and public figures.

Clemens Graf von Hoyos will help you polish your manners and acquire impeccable social graces to boost your confidence and poise.

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Clemens Graf von Hoyos offers two open seminars per year. Don’t miss your chance to participate and book a seminar if you are:

  • looking for qualified feedback on your personal impression and conduct.
  • eager to learn how modern manners will be a valuable addition and complement to your competence, confidence and authenticity.
  • seeking to brush up your knowledge and match modern and international standards.

Refresh your knowledge of modern manners and appreciative communication now. Meet new, interesting people and enjoy an exquisite four-course dinner in an exclusive atmosphere (14 attendees max.).


“Knigge and Business-Etiquette”

Exact event location to be announced


“Knigge and Business-Etiquette with dinner”

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“Knigge and Business-Etiquette”

Exact event location to be announced


“Knigge and Business-Etiquette with dinner”

Exact event location to be announced

Clemens Graf von Hoyos

Even as a child it was not just Clemens von Hoyos’s unusual name that caught people’s attention, but his remarkably good manners as well – which prompted his elementary school teacher to ask him to share his good upbringing with his classmates. And so the first grader started to explain the importance of holding the door for others, helping a lady into her coat, and saying “please” and “thank you”. Over the years the questions of classmates and teachers alike became more complex, and similarly his own fascination with the topic grew. When, after a short period of military service, even a Michelin star chef already well versed in questions of etiquette asked for his advice, and when he was able to impress the first DAX-company with his expertise in his early twenties, his decision was made to start his own coaching and consulting business with a focus on modern manners and business etiquette.

Today his clients include national and international businesses of various industries as well as government departments, agencies, foundations, universities and colleges, and public figures.

His affable, amiable manner and his ability to make even difficult issues easily comprehensible make him a favored contact with radio and TV stations. Furthermore he is frequently quoted by major German newspapers and magazines.

Clemens von Hoyos has been giving talks and leading seminars since 2008. He has been acting as chairman of Deutsche-Knigge-Gesellschaft since 2014 and offers training programs for business etiquette coaches. In addition he has established himself as a consultant in the luxury and retail industry.

 Professionally sound. Entertaining. A successful blend of theory and practice.

Follow Graf von Hoyos on an inspiring, competently led and humorous tour through matters of modern manners, style and class, and appreciative communication. Over the course of his talks and seminars he will show you how to elegantly master moving in an increasingly international society – with the help of sometimes astonishingly simple means, clever techniques and effective methods – and how to apply the newly acquired knowledge immediately.

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“Wer im Verkehr mit Menschen Manieren einhält, lebt von seinen Zinsen; wer sich aber über sie hinwegsetzt, greift sein Kapital an.”

Hugo von Hofmannsthal
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